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Welcome to Compassion International!

We are a nonprofit organization with tax exempt status. We provide help and care for the needy people suffering every day. Each Saturday, we provide food for the homeless and appropriate clothes for each season. We also encourage them and help them get back on their feet again. We not only help the homeless, but we provide assistance to low income families trying to end poverty one family at a time. We provide education and train them in personnel development. We also welcome refugees from Africa and guide them into the American system, education and a social life. We also partner with Brown Bag Ministries to provide food to the homeless and Senior citizens in Durham, North Carolina. The task is so great and we rely on the help and generosity of others.


  • To provide more activities during the day for homeless.
  • To have temporary housing for refugees.
  • To have volunteers to encourage education in the community.

Compassion International is all about love, compassion, help, and attention to Education in America and all over the world.